Why I launched a retreat for Creative Entrepreneurs

Have you ever had an idea or a vision in your head of a product that you needed but it just didn’t seem to exist? Or maybe someone had already come up with the idea but it didn’t fully fit your needs. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Ever since I launched my site and planning services in 2015 I have been dying to attend one of these amazing creative workshops or retreats I see advertised all over social media. The problem is that out of all the million options out there, I can’t seem to find one that truly fits what I am looking for. This is exactly why I launched a retreat for creative entrepreneurs!

I thrive on creativity and always find myself daydreaming about my next big idea or business adventure! Being a creative entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding and exciting adventures. However, it can also be one of the most draining and loneliest jobs out there! My little creative soul often craves socialization with others that think like me, that understand my lifestyle and the way my brain functions on a daily basis.

Right now my main jobs are focusing on being a great Mom, Wife & Travel Planner. This means not only am I in charge of keeping tiny humans alive, the husband fed and keeping a clean happy home. I am also the Consultant, Owner, Marketing Department, IT Department, Customer Service Department, Social Media Manager, and blogger! (I’m sure there is something I missed)

Mom life is 24/7 while my business life struggles for attention. I wake up early in hopes to get my normal tasks done before the family wakes up, sneak in emails during nap times, and then work on social media marketing for an hour or two after bedtime. On the nights I can’t sleep I will stay up watching webinars, and reading online business courses trying to learn how to do more, be better, grow faster…

Sounds exhausting right?? Please tell me i’m not alone.

Raise your hand if you can relate to any or all of the following:

  • I struggle to find friends who understand what I do as a creative business owner
  • I am continuously dreaming/searching for adventure, new experiences, and inspiration
  • I deeply crave success, community and balance
  • I need a minute to escape life to just create! Then come back nurtured, revived and motivated to kick butt!

I am imagining a room full of beautiful creatives with their hands dancing in the air saying “Yes girl, that is so me!” Well hello there soul sisters, I see you!

Girls, I have spent the last several months working on a retreat experience that was built for you. The creative who dreams of travel and adventure, thrives in an environment surrounded by other like-minded souls, and craves to be inspired.

After many late night searches and coming up empty handed, I decided to write a post in a Facebook group asking if anyone else would be interested in the type of retreat I was searching for. Hundreds of women commented on the post, leaving their emails and suggestions in hopes they too could be apart of this adventure! Due to all the attention my post received it was DELETED from the group due to “Self Promotion”… I was devastated… but quickly that turned into motivation! I HAD TO DO THIS!

That night, Saltwater Creative Retreats was born. It took about 10 minutes to throw a private facebook group together and I started adding all the people that I had a chance to write down before their information had been deleted. Within days we had a destination picked, a rough itinerary planned out, and rooms being booked! Since that night we have turned our little facebook group into more of a community for creatives who love to travel together!

From bloggers, photographers, event planners, consultants… our group is open to all creative entrepreneurs no matter where they are in their journey. The first ever Saltwater Creative Retreat will be February 2018 and I feel like I am awaiting the arrival of one of my own children! Jamaica just isn’t going to know what to do with this group of fierce creative business savvy ladies. Yes. I just said JAMAICA! (Could this get anymore amazing!?)

We would LOVE for you to adventure with us! Make sure to join our Facebook community to socialize with other Saltwater Creatives and be sure to fill out the form below! You will receive more information about this amazing trip as well as be one of the first to know about upcoming trips! Not passport ready? No worries, I have a few “Mini” retreats up my sleeve that will take place right here in the USA!      

What will you experience:

The first ever Saltwater Creative Retreat will take place on the tropical island of Jamaica! We will be taking over the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and guys… IT IS AMAZING! Not only is this place breathtakingly gorgeous but it is also an ALL-INCLUSIVE! This means your room, food, beverages and most activities are included! (Bottomless Mimosas anyone?) I am working directly with the resort to plan out an amazing itinerary full of swanky welcome bags and VIP tours of the property! There may be some island excursions involved for those who crave even more of an adventure!

These retreats are very intimate and will have no more than 24 people attending at once. This means you will have more opportunities to truly get to know each person traveling with you. Sharing not only in this experience together but also opening up about your business experiences with eachother. There will be discussions sessions that will work like a mastermind group, each of you learning something from the other! You will each get to share where you are in your business, your dreams for the feature as well as your goals, struggles and successes.

While these retreats are not built for you to spend hours in a conference room listening to other business owners spill all their secrets to success, we do have two amazing speakers/group leaders lined up for this February! The unique part about these experiences is that the speakers are also participants in the retreat. They are there just like you, to explore the island, work on creative projects, find inspiration and come home motivated to hustle even harder!

We do have a pretty fun itinerary in place for the weekend, however, how you spend your time is totally up to you! Are you a photographer looking to grow your portfolio? Grab a couple and style an impromptu shoot around the property! What about bloggers, planners, consultants…? This is the perfect opportunity for you to work ON your business, brainstorm new ideas, launch a new product.

Even better idea, don’t do any of those things! Completely disconnect for a few days from your work life. Explore the island, network with new friends, vent about life as a creative business owner to people who totally get it! All while keeping a journal of your experiences and writing down what inspires you most. You will be amazed at the creativity that starts to flow when you unplug for a little while. Why do you think musicians talk about huddling up in cabins for weeks at a time to write music? It’s the same concept.

Why a Sandals Resort:

I had been dreaming about this retreat for months but couldn’t nail down a destination that fit the atmosphere I was looking for. In May I attended a Sandals and Beaches Resort Workshop for Travel Planners. Many of my honeymoon and anniversary couples LOVE these luxury properties due to everything that is included in the price. The Sandals team shared with me all the amazing incentives they offer to groups that is also included in the price.

Such as:

  • Cocktail Reception with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres with open bar
  • A pre-arranged group dinner night
  • Several Group activities
  • and a Farewell Brunch

I completely fell IN LOVE with the idea of hosting a group at one of their resorts. Not only for the beautiful properties and luxury amenities but they also help take some of the planning off of my hands so we can all just soak in those island rays!

Why the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort:

Once I had the women on board with a tropical destination, I knew it needed to be easy to access from the states while also being mindful of flight prices for those with a tight budget. It also needed to offer a wide range of options to fit all personalities. We needed a quiet oasis that also offered many adventure opportunities. After more research and consulting the Sandals team I decided on the Royal Caribbean Resort in Jamaica!

Here is a glimpse at what is included in your stay:

  • New Over the Water Bungalows (First ever in the Caribbean!)
  • Private Island complete with pools, cabanas, and swim up bars!
  • Access to their other Montego Bay resorts amenities with free transfers between resorts
  • Unlimited fine dining at 8 world class restaurants  (an additional 12 at the other resorts)
  • Endless entertainment: Piano Bar, Beach Parties, Theme nights, live band, and amphitheater.
  • Unlimited Scuba Diving
  • Unlimited Water and land sports
  • Elite Butler Service available with some packages
  • Meeting spaces and conference rooms
  • FREE WIFI!! (This is huge for us during our retreat!)
  • Spa experiences and local island excursions available at additional cost*

Let’s talk cost:

One of my main issues I have found with retreats is the cost is way to hard to justify when you are on a tight budget. Most of these events ask you to pay $$$ when you will be spending hours in a conference room with catered food that is most of the time cold (if you are even fed at all!). While these speakers sound amazing, this isn’t what I was looking for.

Another reason why this was the perfect project for me to launch is that I am able to use my Travel Agent certification to create and plan these group trips for NO ADDITIONAL COST to the attendees! Seriously. How much you pay is completely up to you. Once we decide on a destination, I provide you with the all the information, the booking link, a group code, and then you are in charge of booking the resort package that fits your budget. As a certified agent the resorts do send me a little kick back after each trip has ended. Sort of as a “Thank you” for sending business their way. This does NOT cost you anything extra! So it is a win, win, win for everyone involved!

For exact cost on our February trip, you will need to request a trip packet using the form below! I have so much more information about this journey I would like to share with you! Interested in any future trips or mini retreats in the USA? Just complete the form below!



Have you ever hosted or attended a workshop or retreat? I would love to hear from you! What was your favorite experience?

Share with us below!!




From interning at Walt Disney World, attending classes at Disney’s University, to getting married at Disney’s Fairy-tale Wedding Pavilion.. you could say that Shelbi Moore lives a Disney obsessed lifestyle! She has taken that obsession and turned it into a career with a passion for helping families plan a stress free and magical vacation to any Disney destination on the planet! Not into Disney? No problem! She is a certified travel consultant that can help you plan an amazing trip no matter where your adventures take you! Head over to the contact page and say “Hello”! 

102 thoughts on “Why I launched a retreat for Creative Entrepreneurs”

  1. This is awesome! Jamaica! I would love to do something like that. It is awesome that you have a travel agent certification. I am sure that comes handy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like an incredible experience! I could totally use some time to rest, get inspired and make meaningful connections and friendships! Such a great initiative!

    I struggle with this, so much. I know that I’m a photographer, but it seems like nobody really understands what all goes into this photography business, all of the behind the scenes.

    1. I totally agree!! Most people think “oh she has a fun hobby..” No way… this owning your own business thing is hard work!

  4. I love this idea! I LOVE the idea of retreats (I’m going on a health retreat in San Diego in a few weeks). It’s so fun to get away from the routine and see a new place, as well as learn and spend time with like-minded people. The best of everything! And I love your graphics, too!

  5. Hello! First of all I would like to say that I love how clean your site looks 🙂 It is so easy to navigate and pleasant to read because the layout is not at all cluttered. I think it is important to call that out 😉 Yes, I am huge on attending conferences and workshops because I am in a marketing role in my full time job away from blogging. I cannot tell you how instrumental it is to attend these things. A lot of the times, it is information I already know but every so often I will pick up new bits of information. What I find most important, however, is the networking opportunities and the chance to speak to my peers and learn best practices. This is good stuff!

  6. Hello! First of all I would like to say that I love how clean your site looks 🙂 It is so easy to navigate and pleasant to read because the layout is not at all cluttered. I think it is important to call that out 😉 Yes, I am huge on attending conferences and workshops because I am in a marketing role in my full time job away from blogging. I cannot tell you how instrumental it is to attend these things. A lot of the times, it is information I already know but every so often I will pick up new bits of information. What I find most important, however, is the networking opportunities and the chance to speak to my peers and learn best practices. This is good stuff!

  7. I can completely relate with what you’re saying! It’s so hard to find people who understand our creative aspirations and I always want more, more adventure, more to discover etc. If only this retreat was in my location, it would be perfect!!

    1. Girl. You get me! Exactly why I had to create something for people like us to explore together!
      Stay tuned, more trips coming in the future and hopefully we will be in your area!

  8. I absolutely love that you have this amazing entreprenueal spirit to be able to create what you haven’t been able to find. That is really cool and I respect that.

  9. That place looks so stunning. I loved to attend retreat, I missed that group you are talking about in their life. inspire them with your experience. It’s so much fun.
    maybe I’ll be with you in the retreat group someday.

  10. Girl yes! I am that mom that sneaks in blog time and literally no one understands what I am trying to do! If my 18mo old wasn’t a stage 3 clinger I would SO be interested in this trip!

    1. Hahaha oh I understand!! My munchkin is turning one in October so by February I fear we will be at that super clingy stage! Save our info for the future! I would love for you to join us!

  11. Wow! What an absolutely incredible idea! I can’t believe you’ve managed to plan something like this!

    It’s a shame because I’m actually going to a similar retreat in bali in a few weeks! I hope your retreat goes well! 🙂 x

  12. Stop, this is brilliant. I think you’re 100% onto something with combining the need for time to explore, adventure and process (while still being inspired on the next right business move) compared to all day, or multi day seminars that leave you exhausted and an emptier cup than when you started. I’ll be following along!


  13. An overwater bungalow sounds amazing! So does a nice retreat with other creatives. It’s so hard to find others who know what it’s like to be pursuing a creative path for you life and career. Like you said, it can be a lonely thing to do. I bet the connections created are amazing and can lead to lasting friendships!

  14. I’ve never been out of the country and this sounds like it’s going to be one amazing experience!

    I think I badly need a retreat for my mental and even spiritual health. 🙂

  15. This is so inspiring. I totally relate that my friends don’t understand my entrepreneurial journey. Also, congratulations on getting this retreat running! That’s a huge achievement, especially since you are a mother as well! Well done.

  16. Wow, this is a great idea. I often find that people really don’t understand what it is like to run a blog, or to be a creative business owner. It would be a great opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals. I wish you all the best with this wonderful endeavor.

  17. Wow this sounds absolutely and totally amazing!!! I would absolutely love to do a retreat like this but everywhere I go I bring my special needs son so I wouldn’t be able to attend but you’ve totally inspired me to look into a Sandals vacay for me and my son! Are they family friendly or adults only?

    1. Hi Shell!
      I totally understand! They have family resorts that would be amazing for you and your son. They actually have a great program for working with special needs families and their children! They go by the name of Beaches Resorts and are located in Jamaica and Turks!

  18. This is a wonderful idea. Being creative is weird. It doesn’t just happen except that sometimes it does. There is a lot of non creative stuff though in order for being creative to work.

    I’d like to join the FB group

  19. Kudos to you for planning an exciting adventure that allows entrepreneurs to get together. Being a solopreneur is difficult, and I can completely relate to friends blankly staring back at what I’m talking about half the time!

  20. This is so inspiring! I can totally relate to waking up early before anyone else, to get stuff done. It think it would be amazing to attend something this. You go girl!

  21. Such a great idea that you’re sharing with us, socializing with other peers and co entrepreneurs is a must. It can help both parties learn and share thoughts and opinions. love your post, I enjoyed reading.

  22. What a wonderful way to connect! I love retreats and blogging conferences as they allow me an opportunity to meet with others in my niche, but also continue to be inspired. Sounds like you’ve arranged a wonderful destination retreat.

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