5 perks of using a Travel Agent for your Disney vacation

“Long gone are the days of Travel Agents!”. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard this from strangers when they find out what I do for a living. Isn’t it funny how strangers feel the need to tell you the “Truth”??  Well guys, let me tell you the real truth! Yes, when it comes to general trips many people don’t need an agent due to the amount of information and 3rd party booking sites out there. However, when it comes to speciality travel such as Disney Vacations, Honeymoons, Group trips… Travel agents are alive and well! Think of a travel agent like an event planner. You have this vision in your mind of what you want but honestly you don’t want the hassle of coordinating researching and planning every detail! **TA DA** Here enters your fabulous certified travel planner!

If you haven’t visited my site before then you may not know.. but I am Disney OBSESSED! (Visit my “About” page to read my Disney life story!) So this is the number one type of specialty vacations I book for my amazing clients. While I can not speak for all Travel Agents, here is a glimpse at the perks of working with a magical Disney travel planner such as myself!





This is not a scam. There are no hidden fees. When you book your Disney vacation through me it will cost you the exact same as if you booked on your own! I know, it sounds crazy but let me explain how it works. No matter if you call into a booking service, use a website, or an agent, they all make commission on your booking. Even those super discounted sketchy websites… yep, they make commission off of you too. BUT, this doesn’t cost you anything extra! The company pays them as a “Thank you” for sending business their way.

Want a behind the scenes look at how I actually get paid?

When I book your vacation for you I use a special travel agent code and login that gives me credit for booking your trip. Then once your trip has come to an end Disney will send my agency a little “Thank you” check, typically about a month after your trip. So if you book your trip a year in advance, I don’t get paid till AFTER your trip. That part can be pretty stressful. Can you imagine spending hours working one-on-one with someone then not get paid for over a year!? It’s crazy, this job isn’t for everyone, but honestly I truly have a passion for what I do and I am obsessed with my job and the amazing families I get to work with!


I am always urging clients to book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Yes, Disney has tons of resorts but guys… they sell out all the time!! However, families are determined to “Wait” until a discount is released so they can save the most money, which I totally understand. Here is the thing, once you book, I can still apply any discounts or promotions that are released after the fact! Isn’t that awesome?! So you can be sure to get the exact room and resort you want as well as grab those awesome discounts, such as free dining, after the fact!


Not only did I use to work at Walt Disney World, but I visit all the parks often as well as Disneyland and multiple sailings on Disney Cruises. Disney also takes our training very seriously. We must complete HOURS of training courses, webinars, and periodic conference calls with their sales team. I also spend hours a week stalking blogs, reading articles, and tracking crowd calendars so that I have all the information I need to help my clients. My goal is to simplify the planning process for you! I already have the knowledge you need, so let me share it with you!



One huge common misconception about working with an agent is that you lose control of planning and are stuck depending on someone else to plan for you. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The only thing that absolutely must go through me is your payments. Even those are just sent to me to pass along to Disney directly, I don’t take any payments myself! When it comes to planning your itinerary, dining, fastpasses and anything else.. that is completely in your control! I am here if you need me, however you do NOT have to use my services. Basically you can book with me as a safety net so if you get stuck while planning or have any questions I am here for you! Maybe you HATE the idea of planning a huge Disney vacation and the idea just stresses you out! Have no fear! I am here for you! We will have a quick phone chat about what it is that you are looking for the most out of this vacation and then I will set everything up for you and deliver your plans to you in a pretty little Minnie Mouse bow!


While it is the “Happiest Place on Earth” it comes with a pretty hefty price tag sometimes. Once you book with me I work with you to set up a payment plan that simplifies the stressful process of paying off your vacation. For Walt Disney World, most deposits are $200 and the final balance is due 30 days prior to check in. So the further in advance that you book, the more time you have to pay off your trip! I also send clients a delightful little list of money saving hacks that are great when trying to save up for a Disney vacation! (EBATES currently is my favorite! Literally use it everyday.)

So tell me, have you ever used a Travel Agent before? If not, do you see yourself using one in the future?? I always love to hear peoples thoughts on this topic since there are SO many misconceptions about what we do! 




Want to book your next magical vacation with a professional Disney Planner? Have questions about a trip you already have planned? Then just head on over to the contact page or just click the image below to request a quote! I can’t wait to chat with you!

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  1. I have yet to take the big Disney trip, but when my daught daughter gets old enough it sounds like you are the lady to cone too! So generous of you not to charge… especially due to the circumstances of having wait to get paid. Thank you for your help. I hope everyone realizes how valuable your services are.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Whenever you are ready I would love to help you plan the most magical vacation!

  2. Hey there! I have never used a travel agent before. Afyer using your post i feel silly for never using one! Lol. I have always wanted to take my family on a Disney cruise. Thanks for helping me understand how you get paid … Honestly I was one of the ones that thought there was an extra fee for your services. I will definitely keep you in mind when I am ready to go on that cruise!

    1. Oh Your family will LOVE a Disney Cruise! They are honestly our favorite type of vacation! So glad I could share my services with you and hope to help you plan a magical vacation in the future!

  3. I love how organized this post it. I have never been to Disney, but I am planning on going sometime in the next year. I never considered using a travel agency, but it’s definitely something I will consider now. Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness we went to Disney World in March and I am dying to go back. We used a Disney planner and I’ll never go back. It’s free why wouldn’t people want extra help? You sound like you really know what you are doing!

    1. Most families love to plan on their own which is awesome! It’s always good to have a professional in your back pocket just in case you need help! 🙂

  5. I never thought of using a travel agent for a trip to a Disney, but all of your points make a lot of sense. Travel can be stressful, and help could make the whole trip feel a lot more magical!

  6. I still remember the days of travel agents but haven’t done so in a very long time. But thanks for this, I will consider them now if I need a Disney destination holiday.

  7. My family loves Disney! We’ve been several times, as we live 2 hrs away. Though we’ve never used a travel agent, I can totally see the value in having an agent for a special Disney trip. There’s a lot to do and consider with Disney trips. Especially, if you are out of state or staying several days!

  8. We went to PAris two months back but because it was a trip sans kids we decided to skip Disneyland. May be once the kids are grown up enough to understand what fun Disney could really be, we’ll plan a trip again.
    Thanks for your informative post on how travel agencies work.

  9. This is great information! I have never used a travel agent, but in my defense, I don’t vacation much either! I will definitely consider it since I am in dire need of a vacay!

  10. Whaaaat!!! Someone who can help me organize for free! Yes please! Good to know! I really want a vacation (not to Disney though lol sorry) so I’ll definitely look into having a travel agent!

  11. These are great tips! I am so impressed that you’ve “pulled away the curtain”. You are right, in this day and age it is so easy for people to think they can wing it and DIY – while I am likely to book my own flights online still for a work-related trip (conference) where it’s just me and the arrangements on the other end are pretty much pre-determined, I will ALWAYS use a travel agent for bigger family trips, because so many little things can go wrong and it’s so helpful to have someone help figure out the kinks for you!

    1. oh, and PS, I never knew about many of the specific perks you mention on planning a Disney trip via a travel agent – that is so good to know that you-all have access to the best deals and whatnot! (I would have assumed as much, but it’s nice that you confirmed it 🙂 )

  12. The travel agent who managed all the travel and accommodation arrangements for my daughter’s destination wedding was awesome! Her wedding was in Punta Cana, and the travel agent found all-inclusive package deals for all of us who were able to attend. We were even able to make smaller monthly payments for 3-4 months in advance, which made it more affordable, overall.

  13. Love this info! We aren’t ready for our family Disney Trip yet, but I’m certainly keeping you in mind for when we do! We’re considering a Disney cruise next year, but as a military family we make extra tentative plans! Excited for the possibility!

    1. Oh my goodness Becca, your family would have so much fun!! I hope you guys get to go on a Disney Cruise someday!

  14. Thank you for sharing these awesome tips. We have yet to take a Disney trip with kids, but I am sure these tips are going to come in super handy. Totally bookmarking this.

  15. Ok I’ll be honest I was one of those people who thought travel agencies and travel agents weren’t around anymore. But it’s actually nice to know that there is help out there to plan a big trip! Especially something as magical and especially as Disney!

  16. I think it would be awesome to have a career as a travel agent. I’d much rather have my big trips planned with insight and experience. It makes the world of difference between a great time, and a great time that was enriching and filled with the very best of where the destination had to offer.

    1. We were just at Disneyland in July! It was a wonderful time but yes, a small fortune is what it cost us too!

  17. I travel a lot and I have yet to use a travel agent. Either myself or my hubby would take on the responsibility. We have been to Disney world several times and the next time I’m getting a travel agent.

    1. We are the same way!! We travel a ton but used an agent for Disney just to have that extra security if we needed help!

  18. Hi, enjoyed reading it. We went to Disneyland Paris last month and we booked everything ourselves. Wish we had booked through an agent.

  19. I like to use travel agencies to get organized and well planned our travel. I am planning to go back in Disney with my siblings for a Christmas vacation.

  20. wow you sound so knowledgeable at your work. I am going to be looking at your end when we finally decide to go on our special family trip. thanks for sharing

  21. I’ve been to Disney 2x. I haven’t taken the official leap and done a full out Disney trip and stayed on property. It’s definitely something I would want to do soon.

  22. This is an awesome post! , I actually just came back from disney last month with my daughter . i’d say we planned it really well . we had a ton of fun ! . I honestly prefer sing travel agents to book holidays but most of the time the total cost is always higher .

    1. All travel agents work differently and some do charge extra fees. So you have to make sure you ask those questions before booking! So glad you guys had fun on your trip!

  23. True to say that online booking is so much easier today so I get why travel agents are not popular anymore. That said, going to Disneyland is still on my wishlist do I’m definitely going to checkout your blog further!

  24. I’ve nevrr used a travel agent before. I’ll havt to check this out when we take the boys to Disney in a couple years!

  25. We went to Disney World in 2010. It was a ton of fun. I think we booked our tickets through a travel agency but we stayed with my husbands friend. I really want to take my youngest son one day

  26. Count me among those who didn’t realize it could be free to use a travel agent. This changes everything….haha. I would LOVE not to have to deal with all the minutiae involved with planning a family trip.

    1. Right?? Who wants to deal with all the stress of planning! Leave the stress behind and just enjoy your trip!

  27. Hey Shelbi! First off, love your blog. Your writing is crisp yet creative. The next time we plan a Disney vacation we will book through you. I will get back to you for more details.

    1. Hi Talat! Thank you so much for your kind words! I would love to help you plan a magical vacation! Feel free to reach out anytime!

  28. Never been to Disney, but these definitely seems like it would take a LOT of the hassle out of the organisation – which is what you want from a holiday after all

  29. I have always been very good about planning vacations myself, but I’m sure I’d be a TON less stressed having a travel agent do it for me!

  30. A few years ago we used a travel agent to book our trip to Disney and it was seriously THE BEST vacation ever! My husband and I are terrible trip planners so it was helpful to have someone plan our trip for us. We are planning another Disney trip in a year or two so I will keep you in mind.

  31. I’ve actually never considered it used a travel agent! But this is very intriguing and I will consider this for the future! Thank you for all the helpful information!

  32. These are some awesome tips! A friend of mine actually recently advised me to go with a travel agent if we did the Disney trip in the next couple of years. It’s still going to be awhile but good to get ideas!

  33. I have been to Disney a few times, but we have never used a travel agent. I always just felt more secure when I book with Disney directly. I may have to reconsider in the future though as I like the idea of getting discounts after the fact!

  34. Wow, i guess you’ve found your calling. This article oozes with passion. I went to Disney Paris back when i was a pre-teen and i still remember that awesome day! Keppt up the good work,

  35. Wow! I didn’t have a Disney travel agent when I went and May, but I think it would have made my trip planning 20 times easier if I did. I want to do another Disney vacation next year, so I will definitely pin this and keep it in mind.

  36. Looks like an awesome service! I love Disney too but I’ve never been to a resort. I know, sad, right? Once I’ve found someone to go with, I’ll let you know:) I think having someone plan the holiday for you takes away so much of the stress associated with it, so it’s definitely a very attractive option:)

  37. What a great service to offer to people! I agree, there are certain times when it is just better to use an expert. There are so many experiences available through Disney that the average person wouldn’t know about. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

  38. This post was very informative. There are perks when booking through a travel agent. I would love a Disney vacation its on my list, thanks for the info!

  39. I never thought about using a travel agent for Disney. I am literally 3 hours away. However, I can see those who live outside of Florida for using a travel agent. There are lot of perks for using an agent

  40. Most people book Disney trip on their own but it’s a good idea to book through a travel agent as the cost is same. Good tip, I will keep in mind.

  41. We have never used a travel agent bc pricey but reading this didn’t know could be free?! We’re planning going this coming year again since we went first time during New Years this year and was amazing!

  42. This is so interesting! I have always done all the planning for myself. I think I am too controlling when it comes to my trips, but this is a great post to show me the other side of the coin…

  43. I have used an agent before but maybe it just wasn’t the right fit for me. Your past was actually so insightful for someone not familiar with how the job works so thank you for sharing 🙂 I would definitely consider working with you in the future!

  44. this is great! It really does help to have someone who is an expert on the subject. and if its not extra cost to me, why not?!?!

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